Alberta, Canada


735Boe/d average for June 2023
100%Working interest
98 / 24Net identified / net booked locations
7.6MMboe (59% oil)  1P reserves
10.4MMboe (58% oil)  2P reserves

The Thorsby asset consists of a core land position of >62,800 acres primarily targeting the Sparky Formation. The Thorsby asset currently has 14 wells producing >1,100 boe/d. Thorsby has a large well inventory with 86 Sparky Formation and 12 Nisku Formation wells identified, including 24 Sparky PUD locations. The Company’s existing Sparky Formation wells are characterised by low base decline rates, which is expected to average 22% (average over two years).

The Company’s Thorsby position provides a consolidated land base that can be efficiently developed through a network of multi-well pads, all of which have year-round access. The contiguous land base also contributes to lower operating costs through greater logistical efficiencies. The Calima Group’s facilities currently have oil processing capacity of up to 4,000 bbl/d oil (subject to emulsion water cut volumes at the battery).

2022 Reserves

PDP2.2 millionboe
Proved Undeveloped5.2 million boe
Total Proved7.6 million boe
Total Proved + Probable10.2 million boe

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