Paradise Field, BC Canada

Paradise Well

20Boe/d average
10%Working interest
34.6 MBBLS1P
40.5 MBBLS2P

Paradise, British Columbia (Oil)
Twp. 86 Rge. 15W6
Land: ½ Section – 100% WI in the Charlie Lake
Well: 100/11-01-086-15W6/0 (UWI)
Battery Site: 05-01-086-15W6
Production: 16 bbl/d (100% oil) Boundary Lake well
offsetting the Boundary Lake “A” Pool
Low Annual Decline Rate
NOI: ~$405,000 (Netback: $70.14/boe)

Calima holds a 100% working interest in a half section of land (only subject to Crown royalties) in the
Charlie Lake Formation.
The Property offsets the Boundary Lake “A” pool which has produced over 240.0 million barrels of oil
and 173.4 Bcf of natural gas since 1955.

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